An EMFINDER is a cellular-based tracking bracelet that helps law enforcement officers locate missing individuals. This device is a safety tool for individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Autism, or other conditions who are non-verbal and/or have a tendency to “elope” or wander.

Wandering is an increasing and deadly problem that impacts cognitively and developmentally impaired individuals. Caregivers and care communities need a solution to find the missing. Emfinders has created a reliable, affordable solution to help safely return an individual who has wandered. On behalf of your loved one, the EmSeeQ device connects directly to the existing E-9-1-1 emergency network to immediately locate an individual and report that location directly to the 9-1-1 operator. With the location in hand, emergency responders can recover a missing individual in a matter of minutes.

Anyone can purchase an Emfinders device directly from the company at:  Use of the device also requires a monthly fee of $25 that includes the support of the Emergency Center.

The City of Santa Clarita has a limited supply of Emfinders devices available at no cost to families with need who can commit to paying the $25 monthly fee.

EMFINDERS technology is replacing the Project Lifesaver tracking bracelets previously piloted in Santa Clarita. Your service plan includes the support of our world-class Emergency Center. See how it works.

For high-risk situations, the EmSeeQ is available with a secure band that prevents removal by its wearer. The stainless-steel band and clasp is designed to require two hands to open, ensuring the device is never accidentally taken off by the person wearing it. Cost includes EmSeeQ (device), charging station and plug.   Learn More about the EmSeeQ Secure Band

EMFINDERS represents a public/private partnership between the City of Santa Clarita, Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Department, and local non-profit organizations including the Santa Clarita Autism Asperger Network (SCAAN) and the SCV Committee on Aging.